Community Liaison Panel 

Covanta and Veolia have re-engaged the Rookery South Community Liaison Panel (CLP) which was originally established in 2008. The CLP plays a key role in the communications arrangements of the project, which have been put in place in order to ensure effective dialogue between Covanta, Veolia and the local community.  We value the views and opinions of our neighbours and look forward to building open and transparent relationships. 

A typical meeting format for the CLP is as follows:
1. The agenda is set by the members at the end of the previous meeting;
2. Presentations are given by Covanta, Veolia and/or members of its design team;
3. Members ask questions and/or for further information to be given at a later meeting, if necessary. Covanta and Veolia ensure that specialists are in attendance to present and answer questions about technical issues where necessary;
4. The agenda for the following meeting is set, with further requests for items to be added received in the interim, via email;
5. Meetings are programmed to last 2 hours;
6. Following each meeting, record notes are prepared by the independent facilitator.