Health and Safety 

Across the UK there are currently over 20 operational EfW facilities with many other proposed facilities currently going through the planning process. Covanta and Veolia understand that local communities can be concerned about proposals for new facilities near them.

The Rookery South ERF has been designed in a way that emissions released from the stack are well within the strict requirements of the EU. Modeling has been carried out of the dispersion of potential emissions, which shows that they will not have unacceptable effects on local air quality, health or nature conservation sites.

Public Health England advises that well run and regulated EfW facilities do not pose a significant threat to public health. They also state that the effects are likely to be so small that they would be undetectable. All EfW facilities in the UK are tightly regulated and have to operate within the EU's requirements, set out in the Waste Incineration Directive. The Environment Agency also carries out spot-checks to ensure that the monitoring equipment is operating correctly. For more information on these topics please visit or

During the consultation process, the project team received a request to perform a full Health Impact Assessment. To view the assessment and the Environment Statement for the Rookery South ERF please visit -